How To Have The Best Easter Egg Hunt

How To Have The Best Easter Egg Hunt

The Spring season approaches, and Easter clucks and hops its way closer to the present. So naturally we’ve created an eggsellent guide to having the best Easter Egg Hunt of 2024! For eggsplorers of any and all ages, filled with only the finest puns (no – we don’t regret adding them). 

We have a delightfully delectable range of gifts for Vegans, Vegetarians, and chocoholics ranging from our famed Absolute Black chocolate to our beautiful milk chocolate. So… shall we get the shellebrations started then? 

Hatching The Plan 

What’s an easter egg hunt without a place to hunt, or anyone hunting? Find a location indoors, outdoors or with a bit of both. We recommend somewhere with plenty of sneaky hiding places, the more creative the better! Next, get in touch with the family and friends you know would be up for a fun challenge. Agree a date and time and let the excitement buld!

A Job For The Easter Bunny

Now the day is here, get hopping about and hiding your eggs. Make sure to write down the location of all of the eggs just in case they aren't all found, no one wants to find melted chocolate many months later! If you are feeling really creative then maybe have a go at making some cryptic clues. 

Collecting the supplies for the hunt can be eggs-hausting, but look on the sunny side up, you’re searching for something delicious! Check out some of our egg hunt must haves below.

Easter Egg Hunt Favourites...

Mini Eggs, Mini Eggs, Mini Eggs 

Our Peanut Butter Mini Eggs are delicious bite-sized treats to hide around the house and/or garden – perfect for the kids, so long as the adults don’t eat them first (they’re hard to ignore, after all). Coming in a creamy, and rich, milk and dark chocolate, you could assign points to each egg someone finds and collects in their bucket. 

Looking for a substitute? Our Giant Buttons are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, coming to you in White, Milk, Dark, and our Absolute Black flavouring.

Meet Clucky and Plucky

If anyone’s feeling especially plucky – their confident they’re going to win – then go ahead and raise the stakes a little. Without the hunters knowing, hide Clucky the Milk Chocolate Chick and Plucky the Dark Chocolate Chick around the game area. These cheeky chicks are expert hiders so let's see how quickly they are found! With buttons hidden in their packaging anyone who finds them will feel like a winner!


Make it Eco

Our Organic Milk, Dark and Absolute Black Eco Eggs will definitely add some fuel to those determined fires. We’re not yolking! Not just a pretty face, these eggs are made with no unnecessary packaging.

Montezuma’s Chocolate