Monty’s Bakers – Cookie Pots

Hello I’m Demelza, head of our e-commerce department here at Monty’s. I’m not particularly renowned for my cooking skills (just ask the team about the great microwave fire of 2014…) however this is my go-to dessert! It’s so simple, but more importantly delicious and I always make sure there are enough buttons left to snack on whilst this is baking! … Continue reading

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Cookie Pot Recipe

St Wilfrid’s Moonlight Walk

On Saturday evening 6 of us from Montezuma’s HQ took part in the Moonlight Walk to raise money for St Wilfrid’s Hospice. St Wilfrid’s is an incredible local charity which provides Specialist Palliative and end of life care. The Moonlight Walk consisted of walking 10 miles around the beautiful city of Chichester. However it was hard to take in the … Continue reading

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Moonlight walk for st wilfirids hospice

Monty’s Bakers – Easter Cake

Hello I’m Caroline and I work at Montezuma’s as the Receptionist/Administrator.  I’ve only been with the Company for a few months, so this is my first Chocolate Baking Challenge!  I thought I would push my baking/decorating skills trying this Montezuma’s Fully Loaded Easter Egg Cake!  Be warned… this is not a cake for the calorie counter! This is a normal … Continue reading

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Why do we eat eggs at Easter?

Is eating eggs at Easter a new invention? Or something which has been passed down through the ages? Well it’s a bit of both to be honest! The celebration of Easter itself dates back to a pagan figure called Eastre – the Goddess of Spring – and was originally begun by the Saxons of Northern Europe. But Easter is most … Continue reading

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Why do we eat eggs at Easter?

Monty’s Bakers – Chocolate Brownies

Hello I’m Amy, Assistant Manager at the Chichester shop.  I couldn’t wait to try out a recipe from the Monty’s cookbook so I decided to have a go at the Brownies! WARNING: These are ridiculously scrummy, moist and moreish -make sure you have plenty of people to share with, you have been warned!  As it is, I sent my other … Continue reading

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chocolate brownies

Chilli and Chocolate – an unlikely combination…

With National Chilli Day (25th February 2016) upon us, we wanted to explore how the incongruous collaboration of dark chocolate and chilli came into being. At first the idea of smooth chocolate paired with a fierce sharp taste tends to produce a mixed reaction, but the pairing has been around for quite some time… Originating with the Aztecs, the practice … Continue reading

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Chilli & Lime Chocolate

Monty’s Bakers – Chocolate & Cherry Flapjack

Hi I’m Sarah, Brands Manager here at Montezuma’s and I love baking almost as much as I love chocolate. This is great recipe to create as a fun activity with small children or if you want a very simple bake. These are incredibly moreish – don’t say I didn’t warn you! Ingredients 250 grams oats 150 grams coconut oil (or … Continue reading

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Flapjack baking with Betty!

Who invented Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s day is a big season for us, creating chocolates to help our customers express their love. Cynics say that Valentine’s day was created by the card industry to increase sales but I needed the truth. Following my research, let me enlighten you…! There are conflicting reports on the real origin but there is consensus that from 13th to 15th … Continue reading

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Valentine's Chocolate

Hot Chocolate for Cold Winter Nights

With cold winter nights in full force, a delicious treat after a long and chilly day is a hot chocolate. Chocolate beverages date back a long way – the Aztecs first embraced using cocoa beans more than 2,000 years ago. At this point chocolate was served as a bitter, frothy liquid mixed with spices, wine and corn puree. After the … Continue reading

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Drinking Chocolate

The day CNN came to visit

The truth is out – I do eat chocolate for breakfast and it’s all on film so there’s no denying it! Fortunately I don’t think it’s such a terrible admission that I live and breathe the product that I fell in love with fifteen years ago, but how did I come to make this confession on camera?   When CNN … Continue reading

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Tempered Chocolate