1. Triple Chocolate Hot Cross Buns with an Orange Marmalade Glaze

    Triple Chocolate Hot Cross Buns with an Orange Marmalade Glaze

    Ingredients: 300ml of milk (any) 50g butter (melted) 500g of strong flour 40g soft brown sugar 7g dried yeast 1tsp ground all spice 60g cocoa powder 7g salt 90g Montezuma's Smooth Operator chocolate 90g Montezuma's Great White Chocolate For the cross: 75g plain flour 110ml cold milk Orange glaze: ¼ cup of smooth orange

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  2. Our Guide to Vegan Easter Eggs

    Our Guide to Vegan Easter Eggs

    Have a cracking Easter with our Vegan Easter Eggs If you’re avoiding milk or you’re vegan, you don’t have to miss out on indulging this Easter. Treat someone special or just yourself to an Easter egg or a bundle of delicious chocolate buttons. The idea that extraordinary chocolate begins with milk is a myth we’ve been busting since we

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  3. Vegan Chocolate for Mum Gift Guide

    Vegan Chocolate for Mum Gift Guide

    As each year goes by more and more people are realising the health benefits of going vegan and the advantages of sustainable and environmentally-friendly products and materials. If you are looking for a selection of the best vegan gifts, then you’re in the right place. If your mum has been vegan for a while or is currently enjoying a plant-based

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  4.  Eco-Friendly Easter & Sustainable Easter Eggs

    Eco-Friendly Easter & Sustainable Easter Eggs

    We started Montezuma’s from a kitchen table 20 years ago. Most of us on the team can remember the time when Easter eggs were wrapped in foil, nestled in a plastic cocoon, and packaged in a shiny cardboard box. Of course, the chocolate inside was a treat we looked forward to, but it came with a mountain of packaging, none of it recyclable but all of it destined for landfill. So once we were in a position to choose how we designed our own packaging, we knew that we wanted it to be better. If the chocolate could be great, why not the pack it came in? And that’s exactly the task we set ourselves.

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  5.  Quick and Easy Hazelnut Ganache

    Quick and Easy Hazelnut Ganache

    Calling all Butter Nutter Fans! It's time to get busy in the kitchen with our new Hazelnut Ganache recipe!  Ingredients: 300ml double cream 100g sugar 2 x 90g Hazelnut Butter Nutter bars chopped up into very small pieces 25g Butter chopped into small pieces     Method: 1. Put the cream and sugar into a saucepan on medium

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  6. Product Recall - Hot Pickle 90g Bar

    Product Recall - Hot Pickle 90g Bar

    Food Recall Alert. Undeclared Allergen, Almond in product. Montezuma's Chocolates Hot Pickle 90g Bar BB 24/06/2022 We are recalling Montezumas Hot Pickle 90g bar with the best before date of 24/06/2022e due to an undeclared allergen. There has been one incident of an incorrect 90g bar found in Hot Pickle packaging.  The bar found contained

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  7. Pancake Day Inspirations

    Pancake Day Inspirations

    With pancake day just around the corner we wanted to give you some ‘pan-tastic’ ideas to help you sweeten up your day! Whether it’s an ultimate chocolate pancake or a vegan delight we have something for everyone! Couverture   A way to make your pancakes extra chocolatey could be to use our very own couverture, with options of milk

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  8. Cherry Chocolate Brownies

    Cherry Chocolate Brownies

    We're going to be encouraging you to #BakeWithLove over the next couple of weeks in collaboration with our friends at Cotswold Flour and Cherry Tree Preserves. To start, we have these heavenly cherry chocolate brownies created by Emily   Makes: 16 brownies Prep Time: 20 minutes Cooking Time: 40 minutes    

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  9. Vegan Cookies

    Vegan Cookies

      Ingredients: 100g Sugar 125g Vegan Margarine 150g Self Raising Flour 80g Chopped up Dark Chocolate     Method: 1. Cream together the margarine and sugar. 2. Mix in the self raising flour. 3. Add the chopped chocolate and mix again. 4. Roll the cookie dough into into 8 balls (you can make them bigger or

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  10. Chocolate Mince Pies

    Chocolate Mince Pies

    Ingredients: Pastry: 150g Plain Flour (we like to use Cotswold Flour Maizebite Pastry Flour) 25g Cocoa Powder 25g Caster Sugar 75g Unsalted Butter 1 Egg Yolk 2tbsp Milk 1tsp Orange Extract   Filling: 350g Mincemeat 70g Dark Chocolate Buttons broken up (or any chocolate you fancy) 1tsp Orange Extract Zest of half an orange  

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