1. Father's Day Gift Guide

    HERE’S TO THE DADS AND FATHERS-FIGURES  The third Sunday of every June – a day to celebrate Dads, quirks and all! We didn't want you to be choco-late buying your gifts so here is a helpful guide to get your ideas going. Father’s Day is on the approach and what better way to say thank you to Dads and Father-figures than a sweet

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  2. How To Have The Best Easter Egg Hunt

    How To Have The Best Easter Egg Hunt

    The Spring season approaches, and Easter clucks and hops its way closer to the present. So naturally we’ve created an eggsellent guide to having the best Easter Egg Hunt of 2024! For eggsplorers of any and all ages, filled with only the finest puns (no – we don’t regret adding them).  We have a delightfully delectable range of gifts for

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  3. Mother's Day Gifting Ideas

    Mother's Day Gifting Ideas

    With every new year that rings in comes new and innovative ways to help our day-to-day lives become healthier and more sustainable, from the packaging we hold to the foods we eat.  Gift-shopping can be quite the sport so if you are looking for a Mother’s Day gift that brings the WOW and doubles-down on crazy and classic flavour combinations

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  4. Why Choose our Advent Calendars?

    Why Choose our Advent Calendars?

    We love advent, not only because it is socially accepted to eat chocolate every day before breakfast but also it brings back a bit of childhood nostalgia. What really is Advent? Advent is a big event in the Christian calendar as it marks the period in the lead up to the birth of Christ. It is all gearing up to the big day on December 25th but did

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  5. What is Blooming?

    What is Blooming?

    What is blooming? Have you ever picked up a chocolate bar, eagerly unwrapped it and found it has a white covering over the surface? Have you also panicked that this means your favourite chocolate has gone mouldy and no longer edible? Well fear not as we are here to explain this and give you a bit of peace of mind. This white covering is actually

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  6. Autumn Chocolate Porridge Bowl

    Autumn Chocolate Porridge Bowl

    Now we’re officially in October and it feel like Winter is truly upon us. We have dug out a our most comforting recipe from the wonderful SpamellaB who created this warming and delicious porridge bowl. Perfect for those upcoming crisp mornings!     Ingredients: 50g rolled oats 2 tablespoons cacao or cocoa powder 1 – 2

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  7. Should I be worried about Lead and Cadmium?

    Should I be worried about Lead and Cadmium?

    It appears that there is a new baddie on the block in the media as we have seen an increasing number of articles about lead and cadmium levels in products American and global chocolate brands. If you too are worried then let us explain the truth below. So what is all the fuss about? Articles from the likes of American Consumer Reports have

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  8. Boozy Prune Chocolate Pots

    Boozy Prune Chocolate Pots

      We are excited to be able to share with you an exclusive recipe from Alexina Anatole's new cookbook, Bitter (Published by Square peg Books).   Check out her Boozy chocolate recipe below using our deliciously dark chocolate.     Makes 8 Ingredients: 6 egg yolks 350ml (12fl oz/11/2 cups) double (heavy) cream 200ml (7fl

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  9. Summer Book and Snack Pairings

    Summer Book and Snack Pairings

    There is nothing we love more than getting out a new book and becoming totally immersed. Of course, any moment of relaxation needs to include a snack so we have picked our favourite book and chocolate pairings for the summer. If you are off on holiday and need some recommendations or just want to spend a relaxed evening to yourself then here you

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  10. End of Term – The Ultimate Guide to Gifts for Teachers

    End of Term – The Ultimate Guide to Gifts for Teachers

    It’s that time of year again! Summer’s rising, holidays are afoot, and the end of term is looming. You need to sort out all those teacher’s gifts to thanks and show them your appreciation – but definitely not to bribe them. Much as we all love the age-old custom, it can be a bit stressful, knowing what to buy and how much to spend. So, here

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