Mother's Day Gifting Ideas

Mother's Day Gifting Ideas

With every new year that rings in comes new and innovative ways to help our day-to-day lives become healthier and more sustainable, from the packaging we hold to the foods we eat. 

Gift-shopping can be quite the sport so if you are looking for a Mother’s Day gift that brings the WOW and doubles-down on crazy and classic flavour combinations, you have arrived at the right destination! With products that are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, and those with food intolerances, there is something for every mum and mother-figure out there. 

Our chocolate gifts in this guide are available year-round so do not worry if your mum or loved-one develops a craving (we wouldn’t blame them if they did). 

Grand Truffle Collection 

These delectable hand decorated truffle collections are filled with our best grand selling truffles – containing flavours your mum will always say yes to! 


All Butter Biscuits

Searching for that new craving? Delivered in the treasured retro combination of Chocolate and Cherry and adored Butterscotch-Flavoured Toffee Pieces, our All-Butter Mini Cookies are the perfect indulgent to dunk into a tea or hot chocolate, for mothers with a sweet tooth of any size! 


Bar Libraries 

Whether or not your mum enjoys a spot of reading, whatever the weather, our chocolate Bar Libraries make for a beautiful and luscious experience. From the cute Mini Bar Library to the deliciously dark Vegan Bar Library, your visits to the chocolate cupboard will be a true chocolate education! 


Espresso Yourself 

When you need to sit back and take a break, take the time to Espresso Yourself. Complete with x2 Espresso Cups, Fairtrade Espresso Roast Ground Coffee, and our award-winning rich dark chocolate, this vegan gift set shall sooth your mum any time of the day. 


Absolute Black Galore 

Who doesn’t enjoy a dramatic kick of flavour every now and then? Fit for those mothers and mother-figures with a special place for dark chocolate, our range of Absolute Black products are 100% cocoa, vegan friendly, and perfect for those looking for the strong stuff!