Anniversary Gifts

There is no ’Happy Anniversary’ without chocolate, the perfect accompaniment to any occasion but especially in celebration of a wedding anniversary

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  1. Over The Moon chocolate gift box. Teal box with orange sleeve. Contains our best selling dark chocolate treats, including bars, truffles, buttons and peanut butter truffle bites.
    Over The Moon Gift Box
  2. Milk Float Chocolate Gift Box. Teal Box with blue sleeve. This is our most popular gift box filled with milk chocolate goodies.
    Milk Float Gift Box
  3. Happy campers chocolate gift box - teal box with green sleeve. Filled with buttons, bars and truffles
    Happy Campers Gift Box
  4. the chocolate bar library - milk chocolate bar collection in blue box
    Milk Bar Library

12 Item(s)

Set Descending Direction

From Weddings to the anniversary of a first date, our special chocolate gift options will put a smile on any face when remembering a special date in the diary. 

We have lots of options to pick from - try our Grand Truffle Box or for the simple pleasure of milk chocolate our button options are always a winner.