End of Term – The Ultimate Guide to Gifts for Teachers

End of Term – The Ultimate Guide to Gifts for Teachers

It’s that time of year again! Summer’s rising, holidays are afoot, and the end of term is looming. You need to sort out all those teacher’s gifts to thanks and show them your appreciation – but definitely not to bribe them . Much as we all love the age-old custom, it can be a bit stressful, knowing what to buy and how much to spend. So, here’s some top tips to help you get through.

Number one, set an appropriate budget. You don’t want to go overboard and get all extravagant, as you could make them feel in-debted to you or overwhelmed. Equally, you don’t want to go underboard and totally underwhelm them with a packet of wine gums!

Make it personal, and not a random generic gift. Don’t get a pen. Don’t get a ruler. Don’t get a voucher from a miscellaneous shop. Get something personalised. A brilliant example is Montezuma’s Build a Bar. You can have a written message printed onto the packaging, along with choosing the colour and flavour from an extensive range. Ask a teacher and find clues about what kind of flavours they like! Or choose something unique and crazy, like the sea salt and lime bar, or lime and chilli.

When in doubt and lost for ideas, remember chocolates are a brilliant idea to fall back on. Chocolate is the most universally loved treat in the world and will revive even the most exhausted of battle-weary teachers. And let’s be honest, any teacher whose treats don’t include chocolate is in no state to teach anyone! Whether white, milk, dark, or any combination of extraordinary flavours, there’s an option for everyone. From boxes of truffles, to bars, to jars of buttons, from cherry to salted, it’s the most versatile gift out there. And if you’re feeling more extravagant or are teaming up with people for a larger budget, a hamper is a great option.

It could be said a bottle o’ wine may be what the teacher needs most after a long school year – but it’s also the perfect complement to chocolate as well. Ditto with flowers. So good luck and have a great summer with the kids!