Why Choose our Advent Calendars?

Why Choose our Advent Calendars?

We love advent, not only because it is socially accepted to eat chocolate every day before breakfast but also it brings back a bit of childhood nostalgia.

What really is Advent?

Advent is a big event in the Christian calendar as it marks the period in the lead up to the birth of Christ. It is all gearing up to the big day on December 25th but did you know that Advent technically begins on the Sunday nearest to 30th November? This gives 4 weekends until Christmas.

Why an Advent Calendar?

Today most advent calendars make things a bit simpler and start on 1st December. The tradition appears to date back to German Protestants who started ticking off chalk marks on a wall to count down to Christmas. The first calendar was believed to have been made in 1851. The printed Advent calendar, a bit more like we know it now, was created by Gerhard Lang who had the idea in the 1920s to cut little doors in the cardboard to reveal short Biblical verses or pictures.

Over time the tradition of Advent Calendars has become less about religion and more and more creative with what’s behind the doors.

Why choose a Montezuma’s Calendar?

We might be a bit biased, but we think we have the best calendars! You can’t find many that make for both happy people and a happy planet after all! That’s because ours are made from entirely recyclable packaging and in a factory solely run off of renewable energy.

If that’s reason enough, then our milk and dark chocolate Advent Calendars are also made from the best quality organic chocolate. We only use the best ingredients and trust us you can taste that!

We are all about inclusivity and no one should have to miss out on this brilliant and delicious tradition. That is why all of our Advents are gluten free and our Dark Chocolate Advent is also vegan!   

After many requests we have also gone and made our best selling Butter Nutter Truffles into an advent! Yep, you heard us right! A deliciously creamy milk chocolate peanut butter truffle every day in the run up to Christmas! Just try and resist jumping a day ahead!

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