International Women's Day

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we've crunched some numbers and put together this lovely infographic to show you how we are committing to trading fairly, both internally and externally. 


 Our ethics throughout our business have always been about being “trading fairly”.  We work hard to ensure this ethos is applied in all aspects of our business from trading with our customers to the way we treat our team.  We will always give people a position based on their relevant experience and skill set regardless of gender and although we fall below the legal requirement to publish our gender pay gap we felt it was important to share our results as this reinforces that we practice what we preach!

 Just to give you a little insight into the business, you can see that 2/3 thirds of our business is female.  Perhaps it is the chocolate that is our biggest pull factor, we will continue to work hard to attract males into our business. Our senior management team is made up of 8 people and we have 7 females and 1 male that make up the highest salary earners in the business. Of the 7 females in our Senior Management Team 43% work part time, we work hard to allow females to work at a senior level as well as having a work/life balance. 

 By doing this analysis, it has confirmed to us that we are operating as fair to both sexes as possible as 0 would be gender neutral and our Gender Pay Gap is -2.4% in favour to women compared to the national average of 18.4% in favour of men.  We will continue to do what we do well and “trade fairly”.