How would you like to grab yourself a chocolate bargain and help save the planet at the same time?

How would you like to grab yourself a chocolate bargain and help save the planet at the same time?

We’ve spent the last 12 months auditing our existing packaging materials to improve the sustainability of our whole range. We’ve reviewed absolutely every possible aspect of packaging to ensure even the smallest elements such as inks, adhesives, stickers, packing tape, pallet wraps and pads were either recyclable, compostable or biodegradable. We’ve changed the chocolate bar wrappers from metallised plastic to paper, improved the recyclability status of the plastic we use, and we’ve reduced the size of our packaging wherever possible. Phew!

We’re really proud of our bright, colourful new look and even prouder of its sustainability credentials. However, it does mean that we have a lovely load of old packaging that we are simply not prepared to waste and send to landfill. Some of it we have shipped off to shred and make into sizzle, to fill our gift boxes but a lot of it is still sitting in our warehouse. This is where you come in! We are now selling our extraordinary chocolate at extraordinary prices. Absolutely everything in our old packaging is being sold at a 20% discount until we run out. So, this is your chance to top up on your post-Easter stocks of great chocolate at a great price.

Why we’ve gone sustainable

We’ve always cared about the environment we live in and our impact on the planet. However, sustainable packaging has not been available for many of our products until only recently. Our first priority has always been food safety and product quality and we’ve been waiting patiently (well, not that patiently!) until the right materials had been developed and tested. So, we’re super excited to be guinea pigs in the world of chocolate and are pretty confident that we’re the first company in the UK to have 100% (see what we did there) of our range is either recyclable, biodegradable or compostable but we’re hoping that claim will be short-lived

Sustainable packaging is simple, right?

You’d think it would be simple to just swap over packaging materials. Well, think again! Watching our Absolute Black bars in their fine new livery rip as they passed through the wrapper was not one of my sweetest moments! Days spent with engineers and experts, trial run after trial run, as our Giant Buttons broke through their bags, we finally managed to achieve the same quality product, only now in fully sustainable packaging.

Same great taste with different names

Rest assured that we have not changed any of our recipes; we’re using the same high-quality cocoa and the best ingredients, but we might have introduced some new quirky product names, so our Chilli chocolate bar is now totally Chilli Bonkers! 

A whole range of retro

With a whole range of retro chocolate from bars, to bites and buttons, there’s something for everyone. Stuck at home? play noughts & crosses with our milk chocolate retro giant buttons, winner gets to eat them all! Bake some deliciously gooey brownies with our retro dark chocolate bar, or simply treat yourself to a chocolate self-isolation snack of our moreish retro Milking Maid truffles.

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Vegans, we’ve got Milk Chocolate Alternative that are Like No Udder!

Mission: Recyclable

We’re proud to be pioneers of environmentally friendly packaging in chocolate. It’s not just a crazy idea we thought up on a whim - sustainable, ethical practices have been part of the way we make our chocolate and run the business since we started out. It matters to us, and we hope that it matters to you too.

You can watch a video of me here talking through some of the new packaging with our MD Bruce.

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