We’re Full of Beans!

  I realise that we are only just past the Easter weekend and that many of you may have over-indulged in chocolate as a result but I can’t contain my excitement over the launch of our Barista truffle collection today. As you’d probably imagine, this is a new collection of coffee inspired truffles. My love affair with coffee started more … Continue reading

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Why do we eat eggs at Easter?

At this time of year, we are often asked why we celebrate Easter by giving and eating chocolate eggs so we thought we would re-post our little explanation from last year which hopefully explains all! Is eating eggs at Easter a new invention? Or something which has been passed down through the ages? Well it’s a bit of both to … Continue reading

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Easter Blog

Nectars of the Gods – Wine and Chocolate.

These two delicacies go together more perfectly than you could ever have imagined! But there’s a fine balance in getting it right… For wine buffs, see this as a challenge – let us know how you get on and what you think! For chocoholics, don’t be put off! Give it a go and do share your thoughts! Many of these … Continue reading

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Wine and Chocolate Pairing

Emsworth Cookery School – Chocoholic’s Choice

Just a few miles from us at Chocolate HQ, our friends at the Emsworth Cookery School have been busy creating a cookery class dedicated to working with chocolate and this is what they got up to during their recent class.  If you’re interested in learning more about cooking with our favourite food, have a look at their site www.emsworthcookeryschool.co.uk but … Continue reading

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Chocolate and Cycling – a perfect combination?

  At Montezuma’s we are passionate about chocolate. Now that probably goes without saying but we also have many other passions and one of these is promoting a healthy lifestyle. It may seem odd for a business that produces a luxury food but actually that’s exactly the point. When you are involved in the food industry you learn a lot … Continue reading

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Montezuma's x Hargroves

Monty’s Bakers – Chocolate Tiffin

Wow Tiffin Recipe – Great for Kids or Adults Parties! Caroline, our Monty’s Mega Baker, is back with a delicious Chocolate Tiffin. We’ve tested a generous amount at Chocolate HQ and begged her to share the secret recipe with us! Ingredients 400g digestive biscuits (you can use other biscuits) 125g butter 75g cranberries (raisins or dates can also be used) … Continue reading

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Chocolate Tiffin Recipe

A Spitalfields Christmas

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” Hmmm? At Montezuma’s Spitalfields store that quote might not be the most accurate, but I would definitely call it the busiest and most fun time of our chocolate year. We start talking about Christmas in August, which always feels super early when the sun is still shining, until we compile our huge … Continue reading

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Build a Bar this Christmas!

A Chocolate Bar with your name on it! We all love a personalised product and we all love chocolate. Combine the two and the result is – Build a Bar! NEW for 2016 at Montezuma’s we listened to our customers and came up with what we think is simply magic! It’s as easy as 1,2,3! Select the colour you would … Continue reading

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Build a Bar this Christmas

Children on the Edge Fundraising Month

Throughout October, staff and customers across our 6-stores and head office were encouraged to take part in a range of activities and challenges to raise much needed funds for our official charity partner, Children on the Edge. COTE works to restore the ingredients of a full childhood to forgotten children, living on the edge of their societies, and we have … Continue reading

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children on the edge

Monty’s Bakers – Chocolate & Apple Strudel

Hi my name is Lu, here at Monty’s I am the office manager and assistant to finance and directors – clearly, you could tell I have fingers in too many pies. Or strudels, as the case may be today, as I have been given a bag of gorgeously smelling apples , which would be a sin not to turn into … Continue reading

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Chocolate & Apple Strudel Recipe