By Sarah at The Little Botanical.

There has never been a better time to add plants to your indoor space. Not only will you be totally on trend, but it is proven (by none other than NASA) that houseplants improve productivity and make the air cleaner around us.

We are all living in smaller homes, with less or no outside space, we all spend too much time surrounded by Electrical appliances and toxins in the air, there is too much plastic every where we look and we all are working harder and longer than ever before.

Well, here at The Little Botanical, we believe indoor House Plants can help with ALL of this. Firstly, let me address plastic- why add a faux plant to your home that is made from PLASTIC, an issue we are all doing our bit to address, when the real thing is right there, alive, natural and ready for you to nourish and love for weeks or months to come. Our entire range is super easy to care for and really will fill you with a huge sense of pride when a new leave spikes on a Monstera, or a succulent produces a baby!

Then there’s the issue of space and the fact that many of us have no or very little outside areas to nurture and potter in. Well create an indoor jungle we say! Put as many plants as you can fit into your home and see the joy they will bring. If you have a window sill or mantel piece, a trio of succulents really is the perfect addition to add interest and style, with minimal effort. Or perhaps there is a floor space in need of something, or your favourite side table that looks great with a candle and a glass of wine? Try adding a plant too and you will see the room transform. Talk to your plants (they really like it), water them when they need it (all our products have their own care guideline on the website or on the handy little tag you will receive with the product) but most of all enjoy them!

Here at The Little Botanical we are on a mission to make sure everyone gets to experience the positive effects that existing with nature in an interior space can bring and we want people to see the benefits of plants that are easy to care for to help reduce the constant stresses of modern life. Let me tell you about our best seller, Sansevieria. This guy is unique in looks and certainly will get people talking, most importantly though, in some comprehensive research carried out by NASA, he came out top for the plant that consistently is the most successful at removing toxins from the air and helping to keep the air clean. He also is very happy getting watered sporadically (great for forgetful owners) and will last for months and months! Value for money AND doing some good to the environment.

We hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about why now really is the perfect time to try a house plant! You might just love it and before you know it have your very own Indoor Jungle.