Author: Charlotte Conn

  1. Montezuma's Christmas Tree

    Montezuma's Christmas Tree

    It’s our mission this year to make Christmas extra special, and what could be more enticing than a giant chocolate Christmas tree? This beautiful tree is handmade and hand decorated with gold leaf foil for the perfect finishing touch. Made with rich dark chocolate, smooth milk chocolate and creamy white chocolate, and weighing in a

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  2. Trading Fairly: Ethical Christmas Chocolate

    Trading Fairly: Ethical Christmas Chocolate

    This Christmas we’ve had a head start on working up an appetite for chocolate. A recent survey by Harris Interactive revealed that chocolate has kept us going through lockdown, with 1 in 8 of us eating chocolate every day.  With the chocolate world booming this year and Christmas being one of those times where chocolate sales skyrocket

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  3. Dark Chocolate - rounding up the best of the best!

    Dark Chocolate - rounding up the best of the best!

    Discover the benefits of dark chocolate What would you say if we told you that dark chocolate wasn’t only extraordinarily delicious, but also had a whole host of benefits for the mind and body? Now don’t get us wrong, we’re under no illusion that chocolate is ‘healthy’ but hear us out... Where does chocolate come from? We may be

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